things would change slowly

It’s more than 5 months after that great Tor des geants and it’s been more than 10 months after I started woking in a new company.

Holding a goal that I would finish and become one of “the Geant”  after I failed in 2013,  I decided to change my lifestyle concentrate on mountain walking not only trail running. At same time, I wanted to solve the situation in former working situation, which was very tough to decrease time to run/training.
One of the mean, is to change the job and other is to quit tennis school which I used to go once a week.
The new job which I got applied was very tough as I am not used to it and needed to digest to system and the role of the new job. I stayed very late at night most of the day, especiallz every time  before the deadlines. I just had to do what I need to do,  at same time do my training which is less then last year. No time to think, just do those.
About tennis school, few week after  I quit, my quickness on footsteps  at down slope became slow and slow. Also my body parts become stiff as I lost time to strech.
Just with the faith to finish Tor des geants in 2014, which  I was able to,
I could  share precious moments  with my friends all around the world. However, it was not so long that I can continue day dreaming about the wonderful race, just had to return to my daily busy life.
It is 10 months passed …. things are slowly changing in a good way.  Even though I stay late at certain timing, I am becoming to balance how to use the time at work. At the office, my colleagues began to come up to me  requesting for  production  they think it’s pretty, or neccessary. I was able to make space for them to listen and also  discuss deeply about it.
Things are moving slowly but  gently in a good way…
Now, it is time ( I hope) that I can change my timing of training.
Hope I can find a space for training and digging up again for the new aim of this year…
“It is no use to rush, as my pace is slow and take more time to digest than other people”.
This is what I have realized these days.

So…do  not worry about your new life ,or about the injury, or other hard situations…things would change slowly and will be moving gently in a good way.